Endpoint Version:V5.9.0.0000 and above

You can disable the content filtering on a machine locally in order to troubleshoot connection issues with the Endpoint proxy. 

The following instructions are to Disable content filtering on a local machine.

1:Click on Endpoint status(, where port=8000 for default installation)

2:You will see the Disable content Filtering greyed out.

The option require administrative access to the Endpoint.

3:Click on Setup->Administration->Login.

   Please Enter the Maintenance password

4: The button should be accessible now and you should be able to disable the content filtering on the machine.

The following message is displayed and the machine is connected directly to the internet..

Note: This will not change the proxy settings for the machine, but              Endpoint will connect directly forcefully.It is recommended              to Enable the content filtering through the same procedure              once the required task has been completed.

Please contact Technical Support for any further queries.