Supported Endpoint versions: and Later

Endpoint can run even if no user is login to the machine by using the 'Startup Policy' for the Endpoint:


1: Create a username by the name 'endpoint_startup'.Click here for the instructions to Add user 

only ‘endpoint_startup’ Login Name is critical, any value can be used for the other fields):


2: Assign the policy to this username


When Endpoint starts, it tries to download a policy for ‘endpoint_startup’ username, if the Username + Policy is defined, Endpoint will use those settings until a session is started in the PC.



If no Policy is assigned to the user, it will capture the default policy.

But the best practice is to assign a custom policy to that username, 

You can either create a new Policy or assign any old policy after the Username is added to the console.

Please contact Technical Supportt for any issues.