The Outbound Filtering feature of iSheriff Cloud Email Security service will function normally with Microsoft Office 365. Included below are instructions to add a new outbound connector that will route all mail to the smart host. If you already have a connector that you'd like to use, simply edit it using the instructions below as guidelines.


In order to configure a smart host in Microsoft Office 365 follow these steps:

1) Login into the Office 365 Admin Center
2) Select Exchange under the Admin section in the menu on the left. 
3) Select Mail Flow
4) Select Connectors
5) On the Connector screen, select the plus sign to add a new connector
6) On the “Select your mail flow scenario” screen, choose From: Office 365 To: Partner Organization, then click Next
7) Name the Connector, then click Next.
8) Choose “Only when email messages are sent to these domains” 
9) Click the Plus sign. Enter * as the domain and click OK, then click Next
10) Choose “Route email through these smart hosts
11) Click the Plus sign. Enter the FQDN for your smarthost (usually then click Save.

iSheriff Smarthost FQDN:



United States:

11) Uncheck the “Always use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure the connection (recommended)” and click Next
12) Click Next again
13) Click the Plus sign and enter an email address that is NOT an Office 365 address on the same account then click OK, then click Next
14) Click Validate
15) Office 365 will now attempt to connect to the smarthost and send a test message. If both tests are successful, click Save. Outgoing mail will now be routed through the Email Protection service.

iSheriff does not specifically support Office365, at the time of publishing this procedure is known to work. Changes to the Office365 infrastructure or software can impact the success of this at any time.