ISheriff detects the Ransomware  as Trojan.Locky.A

Locky encryption virus is applied to encrypt users’ personal files.

Similar to notorious ransomware such as CryptoWall, locky encryption virus will execute command prompt to inject codes on files and make them unusable.

The most common extensions for the virus are .locky, .CCC or .VVV.

remove locky encryption virus encryption

it is important that you take necessary steps to minimize the risk. Here are some recommendations:

1. Do NOT open attachments from unknown senders. While we have seen Ransomware attacks sourcing from watering hole attacks, or social harvesting attacks, the vast majority are coming in through email via spear-phishing attacks.

2. Backup often.

3. Do not click on links that seem suspicious.

4. Do not allow any software to be installed on your computer that you do not know the origin of.

5. Keep endpoint security software and signatures up-to-date.

6. Use iSheriff Web, Endpoint and Email Security to protect possible infection vectors. iSheriff Email Security will catch these attacks before they reach recipient's inbox and similarly having web security add to your security portfolio will ensure that these threats are caught and cleaned in the cloud - way before they reach user network premises