If you use iSheriff Endpoint Security client, it performs automatic updates regularly to determine if the application is at the most current version. Also, needs to update signature library. If all computers in your network do not have Internet access. You can still allow endpoints to fetch the updates from the distribution center. You may also use distribution center to limit the bandwidth usage for endpoint application.

Download the Distribution Center:

Follow the instructions below to download the Distribution Center:

  • Then go to Endpoint à Download tab.
  • Click on Download Distribution Center.



Here are the steps to install the Distribution Center using the downloaded package on a Windows server or a PC.

  • Accept EULA

  • Change installation directory if needed:

Follow the rest steps to complete the installation.

These are steps required to configure the Distribution Center.
  • Open a browser and go to to access Endpoint Distribution Center UI
  • Click on Setup tab
  • Type Maintenance Password


The Default maintenance password is admin

  • Change the Maintenance Password
  • Add PAC file


You can find the PAC file URL from the isf.cfg file. That can be located within endpoint installation package or also under CloudClient folder from an existing endpoint installation:


  • Click on Save Settings to make the changes permanent.

After setting up the 
Distribution Center, you would need to update the policy to use Distribution Center.

  • Login to Cloud portal 
  • Go to Filter Management tab and edit the policy
  • Then go to Endpoint à Custom tab.
  • Add the IP address/Hostname of Distribution Center machine.
  • Click on Save button to make the changes permanent.

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