Release Date: October 16, 2015

Platform: Mac OS X

Key features in this release include support for the filter and the ability to restrict usage of the USB Removable Storage Devices such as USB Thumb Drives and USB Hard Drives.




USB Manager must be enabled in Dashboard.


To get to the USB Manager option – sign-in to Cloud Console, then


  • Click on Filter Management tab
  • Go to Filter Management à Overview
  • Click on edit to update the policy 
  • Then go to Endpoint à Custom à Customization

A new column will show device type (USB,and CD/DVD). 



Device names are stripped around 40 characters.

To access device manager, go to endpoint status page:

Then click on Setup à Devices


Three devices are connected here, none of them are in the authorization list.

Every device starting with a ‘red’ column is disabled:

Endpoint will allow authorized devices to run. 

Every device starting with a ‘green’ column is enabled and connected:

When a devices is authorized after being locked, it needs to be reconnect. Endpoint will show the following pop-up message:


If USB Manager is not enabled in the users policy, you will still have a chance to manage local devices. This is to ensure that devices that were previously allowed remain allowed in the event that the USB Manager is re-enabled. 

Note: This is a beta release.


Please contact iSheriff Technical Support Team for further assistance.