Release Date: September 29, 2015

New in this release:

  • USB device control




  • This software release only for the Linux OS
  • For this new feature to work, following two libraries must be installed in the system: 
    • libudev
    • libusb

USB Manager for iSheriff Cloud Endpoint Security


Important: USB manager will only enable/disable Mass Storage devices


The manager must be enabled in the Dashboard Policy:




Endpoint local manager allows for the authorization of specific USB devices :





Three devices are connected here, none of them are in the authorization list.


Every device starting with a ‘red’ column is disabled:



When you connect a device that is not authorized, Endpoint will disable it and show a warning via the users desktop (unless popup messages are disabled):





Endpoint will allow authorized devices to run.

Every device starting with a ‘green’ column is enabled and connected:



If USB Manager is not enabled in the users policy, you will still have a chance to manage local devices. This is to ensure that devices that were previously allowed remain allowed in the event that the USB Manager is re-enabled.


Note: when Policy USB Manager is not enabled, you will not have the ability to disable devices.



Please contact iSheriff Technical Support Team for further assistance.