Activity log or admin audit log is used by iSheriff console administrator(s) to track previous changes made to the console by the administrator or other administrators. All the changes are logged in detail. To check the activity log – Login to iSheriff console > click on Activity Log (as shown below)

Here is example of Activity logs:


The information shown above is as follows:

1. When (in UTC) – time when the change was made to the console. Its shown in UTC time.

2. Login – The email address of the administrator logged in

3. Category – further divided into:

a) AUTH – login/logout of admin

b) HTTP – changes made to the policy

c) Customer – changes made to the Web Filter > Settings

4. Action – further divided into:

a) SIGNON – administrator logged into the console

b) SIGNOFF – administrator logged out of the consol

c) UPDATE – changes made

5. Detail – shown the action in detail

6.Result – shows whether the action performed was successful or unsuccessful.