Create new policies to add flexibility in managing your organization needs. Rather than trying to make the Default policy apply to everyone, it is ideal to create custom policies for different groups of clients.

  • login to cloud portal and then click on Filter Management tab
  • Expand Endpoint Filter or Web Filter and then click on Policy


If you have license for both Endpoint Security and Web Security then the label will say Web Filter and Endpoint Filter of Antivirus only license.

  • Click on Add New Policy

  • Type the name of the Policy in the Add policy name field and then click on Save button 

  • Then click on Add Group
  • Type the group name in the Add workgroup name field and then click on Save button

  • Then drag and drop Unused Members or Editable Members

  • You may assign one or more Members to the same policy

  • Once finish, click on Save button to make the changes permanent.

Now the new policy has been created, you may customize it based on your organization needs.

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