This feature is used by the end user requesting access to a blocked url in user’s web policy. User gets the following block page when the url is blocked in the policy:

The user can request access the administrator by clicking “Request to access the Blocked page..” button at the bottom of the page. Here are the steps to do so:


  •     User clicks on “Request to access the Blocked page” and fills all the fields prompted which are “Your Name”, “Email address”, “Reason for Requesting access” and “Code” as shown below:

  •  Click Submit request once all the details are entered.

  • When the administrator logs into the iSheriff console next time, he/she can review the access request(s). Administrator needs to click on the (red flag) on top of the screen as shown below:

  •  Administrator can perform two actions on the submitted requests by the user:

a) Grant Access to the site – when the administrator chooses this option, the website URL will be added in the white-list in user’s policy.


  • Click Ok to confirm.


b) Reject and Delete Request - no action is taken