Release Date: September 01, 2015

New in this release:

  • Endpoint Advanced USB option.

That feature allows Endpoint to stop any USB device (not locked by the system).



Any dynamically USB connected device will be stopped by Endpoint, except those devices already listed in authorized devices.

To keep a simply modeling, initial Devices screen will only show USB Mass Storage Devices, and Advanced USB feature will show every existing device.

The full USB list will be shown:

Some devices, mostly USB Hubs, cannot be disabled because they are already locked by the Operating System.

When a device cannot be locked, the user should check Devices Log.

Next screenshot shows a USB Hub device that cannot be disabled:

Finally, dynamically connected devices will be stopped by Endpoint.

In next case it is a Samsung S3 cellphone:

You will not have that device in main devices screen because it is not a Mass Storage Device:



some devices could take several seconds to be enabled/disabled


Please contact iSheriff Technical Support Team for further assistance.