A false positive occurs when an antivirus software incorrectly alerts that a file or program is infected. If you are experiencing such an event using the iSheriff Endpoint please follow the instructions below:

Access the local settings of the endpoint on the affected computer by clicking on the isheriff shield icon within the system tray and then click on Status.

Disable the real time protection feature of the Antivirus.

Access the quarantined file and restore it to either its original or a custom folder on the computer.

Zip the folder and encrypt it using the password "infected

Open a support case with a description of the issue along with the zipped file attached.

Files can also be uploaded using our FTP address:

Browse to https://isheriff.brickftp.com/


Password: isheriff

Click create a folder and name it to correspond with the support case opened. Example "45678"

Click on the folder created and click on Upload Files.

Our threat management team will analyze the file and whitelist it in the next signature update.



Before submitting any file for analysis please verify that the iSheriff endpoint is up to date with the latest antivirus signature.