Release Date: June 05, 2015

This revision introduces a new functionality of "Cloud" scanning technology.

Background Information:

When a Quick Scan and the Disk Explorer Scan run, they use antivirus signature database from the client machine. After upgrading to Endpoint Security version, when a scan will be initiated, it will also utilize Cloud Scanning technology. With this feature, endpoint will have access to the recently discovered threats within minutes of the cloud service learning about them. 



  • To allow Cloud Scan to utilize cloud signature database, client machine must have access to []
  • If the client machine does not have access to the cloud signature database, Antivirus will continue perform scanning task using signature database stored on the local hard-drive. 


If Cloud Scan finds an infection, quarantine page will report infection with [Cloudscan] key

Also, scanning report will include the Cloudscan detection information:

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