Release Date: May 20, 2015

This revision introduces a new functionality where customers can define custom port for endpoint usage. This version also introduce setting up polices based on Hostname, and the IP Address.

Background Information:

There has been number of cases where port 8000 was already in use causing port conflict and consequently the endpoint service failed to start.  With the introduction of custom port functionality, customers will be able to define a port other than 8000 for endpoint to use.

During installation, customer will be able to define policies based on Hostname, Username, and IP address.

Note: Customer may use one of the following keys and modify isf.local file for already installed Endpoints to configure Policies.

Add the switch ‘policy_type’ with the required value:

policy_type:0 - policy type Hostname

policy_type:1 - policy type Username

policy_type:2 - policy type IP Address

By default, Username based policy will be used.

For step by step instructions on changing port, please refer to the knowledge base article Change the Listening Port for Endpoint Service.