Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a simple email validation system. It is designed to detect email spoofing by providing a mechanism, to allow receiving mail exchange to check that incoming mail from a domain is being sent from a host authorized by that domain's administrators. The list of authorized sending hosts for a domain is published in the Domain Name System (DNS) records for that domain in the form of a specially formatted TXT record. Email spam and phishing often use forged sender addresses, so publishing and checking SPF records can be considered anti-spam techniques.

If you are using SPF record in your environment, you need to authorize iSheriff to send emails on your behalf. To do so, please add the following in your existing SPF record:



  • If the domain does not have a valid SPF record, the result is a permanent error.
  • If you don't see include tag in SPF configuration window, you may have it listed as any domains that may deliver or relay mail for this domain.