Release Date: February 2, 2015


  • Microsoft Windows (Workstation and Server)
  • Mac OSX (Intel)
  • Linux (Supported Distributions)

This revision includes a new feature "Full Scan Inclusion (FSI)" for the endpoint antivirus exclusions. The administrator can now define which excluded files or directories will be included/scanned when performing a full system scan despite of the actual exclusion list which will still apply to the real-time scanning or when performing a quick scan.

For example, looking at the following antivirus policy configuration screenshot, file d:\test and folder c:\test\ will be excluded from the real-time scanning as well as quick scan when performed; however, both will be scanned when a manual or scheduled full system scan is performed.

To view this information locally in the endpoint manager, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the endpoint shied in your system tray and click Status to launch the local endpoint manager.
  • Click Setup > Login and provide your maintenance password.
  • Click Antivirus > Antivirus Configuration.  The FSI configuration will be displayed as in the following example screenshot.



To take advantage of this feature, you must be running Antivirus Scanner version s3.71.5.7 or higher as indicated below:

Please contact iSheriff Technical Support Team for further assistance.