This article explains and cites examples of the  Endpoint Reports that administrator can run to view historic endpoint data.

In order to access the historic data, please login to your iSheriff Cloud Console, click Reports followed by clicking Endpoint Reports as shown in the screenshot below.

The Endpoint Reports consist of the following canned reports under "Select a Client Report" dropdown menu:

  • Operating System Overview
  • Top Virus and Malware Blocked
  • Top Malware by Computer
  • Top Malware by User
  • Top Users with Infections Removed
  • Top Users with Infections Quarantined
  • Top Applications Blocked

Operating System Overview: Displays the Operating System (OS) inventory breakdown in the organization for a selected period of time (Timeframe). To view the exact number of computers running a certain OS, please hover over the relative OS bar in the graph. 

Top Virus and Malware Blocked:  Displays the Top Malware activity in the organization for a select period of time (Timeframe). To view the exact number of infections for a given malware type, please hover over the relative malware bar in the graph.

Similarly, the Top Malware by Computer, Top Malware by User, Top Users with Infections Removed, Top Users with Infections Quarantined, and Top Application Blocked display the relative data for a selected period of time (Timeframe).

Please contact iSheriff Technical Support Team for further assistance.