This article explains the versioning convention used when displaying Antivirus Database status on the local endpoint manager as well as the iSheriff Cloud Console.

The following screenshot is an example of the Endpoint Dashboard Reporting in the Cloud Console.

 The Antivirus Database column displays the database information, which consists of three components separated by semicolon (;) and explained below.

1. Antivirus Library:

12.16x - Microsoft Windows Machines and Mac OSX running older libraries. Examples: Win - 12.163, Mac OSX - 12.164

3.x1 - Microsoft Windows Machines and Mac OSX running newer libraries (released in Q4.2014). Examples: Win - 3.71, Mac OSX - 3.81

2. Number of Signatures:

The number of total signatures installed. Example: 6358632 or 6380166 in the screenshot above.



The number of installed signatures may vary from computer to computer as not all computers update signature database at the same time. 

3. Last Update:

This component shows the release time of the last update downloaded by an endpoint. Example: 2015.01.18

Please contact iSheriff Technical Support for further assistance.