This article explains and discusses various options and features that are available in the "Endpoint Summary" Dashboard Report.

The Endpoint Summary provides a statistical and health status overview of the endpoints installed in an organization.

To View this information, please login to your iSheriff Cloud Console and navigate to Dashboard à Endpoint Summary as shown below.

The Endpoint Summary Report can be viewed for various durations such as 24 Hours, 48 Hours, 7 Days, etc., which can be selected as needed from the Duration drop down menu on the right side of the screen as shown below.

Description of the Dashboard Statistical Information:

  • Endpoints Discovered: Displays the total number of nodes running the Endpoint Security Client.  It further breaks down this information into various operating system types such as Mac OSX, Windows, and Other that includes various flavors of Linux.
  • Infections: Displays the total number of Infections/Malware detected by Endpoint Security Clients in the organization, which is then further broken down into various action types such as Quarantine, Deleted by User, or Deleted by Policy.
    • Quarantined: The total number of Infections/Malware quarantined by the Endpoint Security Clients.
    • Deleted by User: The total number of Infections/Malware manually deleted by the user.
    • Deleted by Policy: The total number of Infections/Malware deleted by the policy which is configured to delete infections upon detection instead of quarantine.
  • Signatures - Outdated:  Displays the number of machines with outdated signatures.
  • Signatures - Current:  Displays the number of machines with current signatures.



Signatures Outdated + Signatures Current = Endpoints Discovered

  • Application Blocked:  Displays the total number of Applications Blocked by the Endpoint Security Client using Application Control Policies.
  • Top Malware Detected Graph:  Displays the summary of detections in a bar graph based on the selected duration.

The Show menu consists of a dropdown list that displays detailed information for a selected item based on the specified duration.

  • Infections Quarantined: Displays the list of infections quarantined in an organization. Various fields include Username, Hostname, Filename, and the detection Date. Actions include Releasing or Deleting the quarantined files. 

  • Client Version Summary: Displays the list of endpoints using their machine names along with the Client [software] Version and last reported day.

  • Endpoint Version Summary: Displays the list of machines with the endpoint signature version, software version, and the day last reported.

Click here to learn about Antivirus Signature Versioning Convention.

  • Antivirus Signature Summary: Displays the endpoint signature database information for the CURRENT endpoints along with their machine names and the date last reported.  Various actions such as Re-installing Antivirus, Stop/Start Real-time Antivirus Service, signature update, and "scan-on-demand" can be initiated in this section - also known as Remote Administration.  The "Action" column will display the appropriate action initiated by the administrator.

  • Antivirus Outdated Summary : Displays the list of outdated machines in the organization using machine name and the operating system type/version.  The machines listed in this section are those that have most likely been turn off or unused for more than 6 hours of last successful report.

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