Users can manage their allow and/or block lists through the Spam Quarantine Management (SQM) Digest/Console, helping them self-regulate and eliminating the need for administrator intervention.

In order for a user to access quarantined messages, the administrator must configure organization's email security policy to deliver a SQM Digest to users on a scheduled basis. Users, receiving the digest, can click on the "Here" link from within their digest as shown below or go to to access their SQM Console.




Spam Quarantine Management Console automatically logs you in using cookies/tokens. If you are being prompted for a username/password, click on “No Password” and provide your email address for the token to be generated.

Once the console is open, the user can manage allow and/or block lists as shown in the following screenshots.

Users can also maintain their allow/block lists by manually editing the lists. Select Filter Exceptions from the drop down menu to edit the lists (as shown below). 

Edit the Exception Lists as needed.

Please contact iSheriff Technical Support Team for further assistance.