Please make sure that the Endpoint Service version is at least

Follow the instructions below to change the port:

1: Stop "Cloud Client Service".

{See:How to Start/Stop a service in Windows}

2: Open Command Prompt under Administrator, kill the isfagent.exe process through the following command:

{ Click Start->run

  Type cmd

  Hit Enter}

 taskkill /f /im isfagent.exe

3: Locate notepad and start with "Run as an Administrator" option, open "isf.local" file under %program files%\CloudClient\ folder, go to the end of the file and add the following line:



If port 9100 is not available, another available port can be used.

4: Save File and exit Notepad.:

5: Start the Cloud Client Service.

6. Open up command prompt with admin rights and run the following command under %program files%\CloudClient\:

isfagent.exe useragent

Please contact iSheriff Technical Support by emailing for further assistance if required.