When first installed, iSheriff Endpoint software either filters or monitors all clients in the same manner, depending upon the initial filtering setting established during installation. If the default filtering policy does not suit your needs, you can assign other policies to the clients in your network via Cloud Console. 

This article covers the topic a static device or client hostname based filtering or monitoring policy and not the user based.

Configure and assign a static device based policy:

In order to configure device based policies follow the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Configuring the cloud console.

Log into the cloud management console and go to:

Filter Management à User Management à Devices

Click on Add a Device to add a new device and to assign it to a new or existing group.

Device Name: NetBIOS or the computer hostname




Devices can also be uploaded using a CSV format file using the Bulk Upload Devices option

To assign a device group to a policy go to:

Filter Management à Web Filter/Endpoint Filter à Policy

Create a new Policy or use an existing Policy to add in the newly created device group.

The device group that was created will be displayed under the Unused Members option.


Click Add group  within a policy to create a work group.


Drag the device group from the Unused Members list and drop it to the work group field under the policy.

Click on Save for the changes to take effect.

Step 2: Configuring the device

Follow the instructions below to enable device based policy on the client side.

Open up Windows Service Manager Services.msc and stop the Cloud Client Service

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudClient\ and edit the isf.local using notepad



Run Notepad as Administrator to Avoid Access is Denied

Add a switch in the next line as policy_type:0

Save the file

Go back to Windows Service Manager and restart the Cloud Client Service

For verification, open a browser and go to and the Connection Status tab should display the device info along with the device policy being applied.





Device based policy is only supported by Endpoint versions and up.