Supported Distributions :

Ubuntu (Unity and Gnome only. KDE coming soon)

Gentoo (No desktop support yet)

Fedora (Gnome only. KDE coming soon)

Debian (Gnome only)

Others (Minimal support - untested)

Make sure that the Version of the Endpoint is atleast 5.1.1

Downloading the Installer:

Follow the instructions to download the Linux Endpoint Installer.

1: Log into

2: Click on Filter Management.

3: Default Policy->edit

4: Click on the "Download tab"

For more details:


The downloaded file will be "EndpointSecurity.tgz", Extract the files using the following Command through a terminal.

sudo tar zxvf EndpointSecurity.tgz


isf.cfg: configuration file for Linux endpoint. shell script which downloads, installs, and configures endpoint components



The installer should be run from the terminal, either as root, or using sudo

It must be run from the same directory as 'isf.cfg', unless you specify the PAC URL

as the first command-line argument, e.g.

sudo ./linux_installer

{The PAC URL is unique for every account and is specified under isf.cfg file

The installer will use wget to fetch files if available, if not, it will attempt to use curl.

If you need to use a proxy to access the files, the easiest way is setting one in /etc/wgetrc, or

if the fetch is done via curl, read the comments in the top of the file for the CURLPROXY variable.


Currently only Firefox Browser settings will be locked down.