How to add trusted sites using GPO 

Trusted web sites are those you trust as safe (such as Web sites that are on your organization's intranet or that come from established companies in whom you have confidence). When you add a Web site to the Trusted Sites zone, you believe that files you download or that you run from the Web site will not damage your computer or data. By default, there are no Web sites that are assigned to the Trusted Sites. You may add the site locally; however, if the site needs to be trusted for all users GPO might be a better option.



Internet Explorer Maintenance Policy will allow you to configure Internet Explorer group policy settings. It is user based policy and it does not prevent the user from changing the setting on client machine.

You can add Trusted Sites to Internet Explorer using Group Policy.

Go to Start à All Programs à Administrative Tools à Group Policy Management

Create a new GPO under Group Policy Objects (Right click à New)

Name the GPO something like IE Trusted Sites or Internet Explorer

Edit the GPO (Right click at the GPO à Edit)


Navigate to User Configuration à Policies à Windows Settings à Internet Explorer Maintenance à Security

Double click Security Zones and Content Ratings


You will receive the next warning:


Click Continue

Now click Modify Settings


Select Trusted Sites and click at the Sites button.



Now enter the URL of the website you would like to add. In this case i added https://* After this, click close.


Now you’ll just have to test the GPO if everything is okay. Navigate to and right click here. After this select Properties.

Below here, you will see that is now added as trusted site.