Blocking by file type 



The application function level control, file blocking by type, and data filtering features allow you to implement a range of policies that help balance permitting the use of personal or non-work related applications, with the business and security risks of unauthorized file and data transfer.


Log in to Cloud Console
Go to Filter Management Tab
Then go to
Filter Management à Overview
Click on edit to update the filtering policy
Click on Data Protection tab


Basic mode window is used for blocking or allowing a file type download and/or upload to the internet. 

On the File Types tab, Select Block from the drop down menu next to the file type that you want to configure for blocking.

You may block both download and upload a particular file type or you may leave the download option to Allow, per your organization’s need.




Data transmission between internal hosts will not be filtered.

It is recommended to select the option Inspect archives, like .zip


When you have finished updating the policy, click on Save button to make the changes permanent.

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