How to create a time based filtering policy?


Filtering policies assigned to users to control user access to the Internet. Each policy identifies certain categories for enforcement and defines when the policy is in effect. If the default policy do not meet the filtering requirements of your organization, you may create custom policies that provide the protection you need. A time based policy is a customized filtering policy set up to be effective at a specified time period for designated users.


Log in to Cloud Console
Go to Filter Management Tab
Then go to
Filter Management à Overview
Click on edit to update the filtering policy
Click on Category tab and expand Policy hours


This window is used for setting up or modifying work and non-work hours.


From the pull down menu select the Everyday, a particular day, Weekdays, or Weekend based on your organization's requirement.




You may add multiple time events, per policy.

Once finish updating policy hours, go to categories section and update the filtering policy for both work hours and non-work hours. By editing and creating policies, you can schedule different Category Sets to be applied at different times.

When you have finished updating the policy, click on Save button to make the changes permanent.