Email Digest – Token Expiration/Resending Email Digest manually


The email digest is normally sent on a scheduled time in the email policy (login to iSheriff Cloud Console > Filter Management > Email Filter > Policy > edit the Policy > Moderator/User Quarantine Settings)

The sender of the email is

Here is an example of email digest.



The email digest’s token expires every 24 hours which means that if the users tries to click release on the email digest after 24 hours, he/she would be prompted to enter email address and password.

To access the email, user must go to and click on “No Password” and enter his/her email address and click “Request Access”

A new email digest will be sent out to the user's email address instantly if the user still has emails in the digest.  


Note: The user should always access the emails in quarantine from the latest digest notification.