Setup of Distribution Center after initial Installation.

Summary: This article explains how to Setup a Distribution Center for the first time.


Follow the instructions below to setup the distribution after initial installation:


1. Double click on the Distribution Center Local Manager.

2. Click on Setup. You will be prompted for a password.

The default Password for Distribution Center is admin.

Upon the first log-in you can change the password. ( New Password must have at least 6 characters)

3. Enter the PAC file for your account under Add Pacfile.

(PAC file for your account can be fetched from isf.cfg from any installed Endpoint Under %program Files%\Cloudclient, [PAC File URL])

4. The port for the Distribution Center can be changed if needed. The default Port is 8010. It is recommended to change "Max Connections" to 1024.


5. Enter the Proxy Settings if needed.


Click on Save Settings to make the changes permanent. Click "Restart Service" button to restart the service.

The Distribution Center is configured and is operational.