Download and Install Distribution Center


Summary: This article explains how to Download and Install a Distribution Center for the first time.


Distribution Center allows Endpoint Clients to download configuration and Antivirus updates from a shared download Server.
Distribution Center is installed as a Service, running on any PC or Server inside your own Network.


Distribution center must be accessible for every installed endpoint clients in the network.



HARDWARE REQUIRED: Windows pc compatible.


MEMORY USAGE 256 Kbytes - 1 Mbyte (configurable) for each endpoint client present in the network

WINDOWS REQUIRED: Windows (Xp,Vista,2008,2012,7,8)


Please follow the instructions below to download the Distribution Center:

1: Login to

2: Click on Filter Management à Default Policy à edit



3: Go to Endpoint à Download.

4: Click on Download Distribution Center.


5: Install Distributioncenter.msi downloaded package in a PC that meet the needed requirements.


The Default installation location will be C:\Program Files\Distribution Center\ , though you can change it while installing.

Components Installed:

1: Distribution Center Local Manager (icon on the Desktop)

2: Service Installed: Distribution Center

3:Process: dcenter.exe