Managing Email Traffic based on file type/File Extension

iSheriff Email Filtering allows you to allow/block the attachments in the email depending on their file types, both inbound and outbound emails.

The configuration is done under Data Protection in the Email policy. To get to the Data Protection – login to iSheriff Cloud Console à go to Filter Management à Email Filter à Policy à edit the policy à Data Protection à File Type.

There are two modes of Filter File Types:

1. Basic Mode

2. Advanced Mode

1. Basic Mode lets you allow/block the most common attachments used in the email for both inbound and outbound emails.




You may have the same file type blocked for inbound emails and allowed for the outbound emails at the same time or vice versa.


Important: The drop down menu next to the file type has four options. These are:

  •  Allow – to allow the file type
  •  Strip – the attachment will be removed from the email
  •  User Quarantine – email will be quarantined
  •  Discard – discard the email


2. Advanced Mode lets you enter the file type to be Stripped/Quarantined/Discarded.


Upon clicking Advanced Mode, the screen is divided into two, which is Filter Inbound Email and Filter Outbound email. Both have sub categories as below:

  • The following attachments are stripped
  • Messages containing the following attachments are Quarantined
  • Messages containing the following attachments are Discarded

Each of the above is divided into two:

  • Content Type – click in the box to auto-populate the list of content types
  • File Extensions - click in the box to auto-populate the list of File Extensions




It will auto-populate the relevant Content Type/File Extension depending on the match in the box. Example: if start typing zi, it will auto-populate *.zip 

Also, you may enable the following as shown in the screenshot:


After making the changes, click Save at the bottom of the page to save the changes.