First time Email Security Setup with iSheriff

When setting up the email security very first time, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to cloud console 

2. Then click on Filter Management tab 

3. Then Email Filter à Setup

4. Enter the external (Public) IP address for the email server in Sender IP Addresses.  To add, click to edit – enter the IP address.

5. Click on Save button to make the changes permanent.



The IP address has to be verified. It may take up to 24 hours for the IP address to be verified. Once verified the status will be changed from Pending to Yes.

You may enter IP range(s) as well in the following format:

6. Enter the email domain(s) under Recipient Domains.

  • In the Domain name column - Click to edit à enter your email domain and click save


The Domain name(s) has to be verified. It may take up to 24 hours for the domain(s) to be verified. Once verified the status will be changed from Pending to Yes.

  • Received Mailboxes column. It has two options:

a) Any Mailboxes - By selecting Any mailboxes, the domain will accept mail for all mailboxes and aliases, regardless of whether they are valid recipient or not.

b) Valid Mailboxes only - If set to Valid mailboxes only, the domain will only accept mail for recipients and aliases that are present in the Users and Aliases tables.

7. To route the emails properly to your network - Cloud service requires the list of the destination server(s) for your email. For each domain you use, enter the MX record of your existing mail-server(s).

Enter the following details in the respective columns under Mail Routers:

  • Domain name: Your organization email domain name(s)
  • MX Address: Enter the MX record of your existing mail-server(s)
  • Port: Specify the port used for email traffic. The default port for email traffic is SMTP port which is port 25.
  • Priority:  If you have more than one email server, you may list all and enter the priority accordingly. The email traffic will be sent to the email server with the higher priority.

8. Email Encryption for Domain - Enable this option to enforce sending/receiving emails via Transport Layer Security (TLS). Your organization email clients must have Transport Layer Security (TLS) turned on, otherwise you will not be able to send/receive emails. 


To enable the Transport Layer Security (TLS) - first click on Enabled and then enter the email domain name for which the Transport Layer Security (TLS)is to be enabled.

9. Customization for Recipient Domain – this options allows you to do the following Customization:


  • Enter the Postmaster email address - Please choose the address to which delivery failure notifications and other status emails are to be sent.
  • Footer for inbound emails - Please supply the text content to be appended to INBOUNDemails as footer.
  • Footer for outbound emails: Please supply the text content to be appended toOUTBOUND emails as footer.

10. The final step of configuration is to update the mx record which will be changed at your mx provider. The existing mx record needs to be changed to with the highest priority so that all the email traffic from outside can come through iSheriff Cloud email security for the spam filtering.


Email Security must be configured before you update your MX record.