My organization has its own custom PAC file; However, Endpoint keeps replacing the PAC file URL in the browser. How can I fix that? 


If you are using Endpoint Antivirus only and have another web/content filtering product, make sure the following settings are checked in the policy before downloading and installing the Endpoint on a machine.


Disable Content Filtering:

1. Open the iSheriff Cloud Management Portal

2. Click on the Filter Management tab

3. Go to Filtering Management and then Overview

4. Edit a policy and navigate to the Endpoint à Custom tab

5. Expand Content Filtering and check Disable Content Filtering





Disable Content Filtering should be checked for all the policies for accounts using Endpoint Antivirus only and then the Endpoint should be installed.


6. Update the PAC file URL under Custom Pacfile




If Endpoint can access the Internet without using the organization PAC file, then the step 6 will be optional. 

Endpoint will use your PAC file configurations for applications and antivirus updates.


7. Click on Save button to accept the changes


After installing endpoint, check the browser settings for the machine and there should be PAC file placed for iSheriff under the Connections.