Configure Smart Host for Email Security

For outbound email scanning you can set up a smart host in your exchange to relay mails through Cloud Email Security.

1. Open the Exchange Management Console, and perform one of the following steps:

· To modify an existing Send connector on an Edge Transport server, in the console tree, select Edge Transport.

· To modify an existing Send connector on a Hub Transport server, expand Organization Configuration in the console tree, and select Hub Transport.

2. In the work pane, click the Send Connectors tab, and select the Send connector to modify.

3. Under the name of the Send connector in the action pane, click Properties to open the Properties page.

· Click the Network tab to configure mail routing to use smart hosts.

· Select Route mail through the following smart hosts:

· Then click Add

· Specify the following smart host and use the FQDN option instead of the IP.

iSheriff smart host FQDN:

Canada -
Germany -
United States -

South Africa-

4. After you modify a setting, click Apply to save your changes, click OK to save your changes and exit the Properties page.

5. Restart the Transport Service.



Email Security must be configured before you modify smart host.