Locking policy on servers 


In some cases, organizations may prefer that a particular filtering policy take precedence over policies applied to certain machines.


This might occur, for example, if group-based policies are used widely in the organization, and some servers require a different filtering policy.


First you would need to create a separate policy for each server type, For Example SQL Servers:


Log in to Cloud portal

1. Go to Filter Management Tab

2. Then click on Web Filter à Policy à Add New Policy

3. Type the Policy name and click on Save button to save the changes.

4. Then click on Add Group to create a new group.

5. Type the group name and click on Save button to save the changes.


Once finish creating policy, go to Filter Management à User Management à Users

Add a unique user name under user management and assign it to a unique user group:

1. Click on Add User

2. Update each section and click on Save to save the changes




Email address, Given name, and Surname are optional field.

After adding the user go back to the Web Filter Policy section and assign the newly added user group to the desired policy:

1. Go to Filter Management Tab

2. Then click on Web Filter à Policy

3. Go to Unused Members and Drag the group you just created and drop under the policy

The policy should look like following:


After making these changes you may install the endpoint manually or via GPO to the desired set of servers. After installing follow the steps below:


1. Stop all the terminal sessions running in the Terminal Server.

2. Log in to the server with the user to the console for which we are going to lock the policy.

3. Check in the Connection Status to verify that it has the policy that we want to lock

4. Go to Services.msc and stop the Cloud Client Service

5. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudClient\ and edit the isf.local using notepad

6. Add a switch in the next line as lock_policy_user:SQL (where SQL is the actual user you want to lock the policy with)

7. Restart the Cloud Client Service

8. In the Connection Status à Cloud policy, it will now say Policy locked by local username.