How can I allow a site from a blocked category?


Exceptions give administrators a way to quickly Allow URLs and IP addresses from the blocked categories.

Creating an exception does not require changing the category of a URL, nor does it change the policy assigned to affected clients. It simply allows a flexible and rapid response to user requests, changes in company policies, spikes in Internet activity, or other changes in circumstance.

Allowed exceptions replace unfiltered URLs as a method for allowing one or more users to access URLs or IP addresses from the blocked categories.

  • Log in to Cloud portal
  • Go to Filter Management Tab
  • Then go to Filter Management à Overview
  • Click on edit to update the filtering policy
  • Click on Exception à Allow

  • Type the URL in questions under Site
  • Select Disposition



Allowing a particular domain will also allow subdomains. You may optionally match on path as well (this is the part of the URL after the "/").


In this example, you could allow users to access only the page while the contents hosted from the other paths including the main site would be remain blocked.

  • You may add Notes for reference. This is an optional field.
  • Once finish adding All URLs, click on Save button to make the changes permanent