How to perform a manual Antivirus scan on my computer?

By default, Antivirus automatically disinfects or quarantines all files upon detection without user interaction. You may manual run Antivirus scans to scan your computer with its default scan settings.

There are two ways to perform a scan on your computer: through the "Cloud Console" and through "Status Page" locally.


Scan through Cloud Console

Login to Cloud Console

Go to Dashboard à Endpoint Summary

Select Antivirus Signature Summary from the drop down menu Show

Select the computer in questions from the list or click on Select All to perform an origination wide scan.

Then click on Scan Now button




It may take 15 minutes before the scan actually starts on the computer(s).

Scan locally

Open the browser and load status page

Click on Antivirus tab and then click on Antivirus Scanner from the drop down menu

Click on Start Quick Scan to perform Quick Scan or click on Start Full Scan to perform a Full System Scan



Quick scan only scans the user’s home folder, while Full scans all contents on your computer such as local hard drives, removable media devices and network drives.