Symptom 1:

If the Proxy Server Setting in the Content update policy and IE are different the Synchronization procedure might fail due to communication failure.


  1. Login into console-> Policies->Policies and Partitions->General->Content Update
  2. Select the server Content update Policy and check the Proxy server setting
  3. If both the above settings are different, Ensure the content update policy has

The internet proxy and port defined in the IE option. After updating the proxy info try to perform license synchronization it should work. If it fails check for Symptom 2

Symptom 2:

If you are not able to access the below mentioned sites after adding exclutions in the Hard firewall and DMZ zone the possibility of the gd_intermediate.cer not available


  1. Download gd_intermediate.cer from the link given below
  2. Import to Trusted Root Certificate Authorities-Certificates By adding the certificate snap in if you don’t have already
  • Start->Run->mmc->File->Add/Rem Snap In->Certificates->Add->Computer Account->Next->Local Computer->Finish->Ok
  • Expand Trusted Root Certificate Authorities->Certificates->Right click->All Tasks->Import-> Specify the location where you have imported the gd_intermediate.Cer
  1. Try removing the TDMSInfo.xml file from C:\Windows\Temp Also from %temp%
  2. Perform license Synchronization through Management Console license
  3. Synchronization should work.