Recommended Settings for Using the Endpoint Antivirus only

If you are using Endpoint Antivirus Only, make sure the following settings are checked in the policy before downloading and installing the Endpoint on a machine.

Disable Content Filtering:

  1. Open the iSheriff Cloud Management Portal
  2. Click on the Filter Management tab
  3. Go to Filtering Management and then Overview
  4. Edit a policy and navigate to the Endpoint à Custom tab
  5. Expand Content Filtering and check Disable Content Filtering
  6. Click on Save button to accept the changes




Disable Content Filtering should be checked for all the policies for accounts using Endpoint Antivirus Only and then the Endpoint should be installed.

After installing endpoint, check the browser settings for the machine and there should be no PAC file placed for iSheriff under the Connections.

Note and warning:

Scenario 1:

If the Disable Content Filtering is not checked, after the initial installation of Endpoint this will place a local PAC file under the browser settings Web Internet Options à LAN Settings à Connections and Use automatic configuration script will be grayed out.

The settings listed above are for the Internet Explorer, however, if you are using any other browser, view the following knowledge-base article and remove the PAC file location.

Configuring Proxy Settings Using PAC file


The most common issues arising due to this is that after logging in users might experience a pop up from iSheriff asking them to put in a Username and Password.

In-order to avoid this, check the Disable Content Filtering and reboot the machine.

Scenario 2:

 If the Disable Content Filtering is checked after the installation of the Endpoint, The PAC file will already be placed in the browser and you can receive an error as

“You are not authorized to use the Web page”

“Content Filtering is disabled”

 A reboot to the machine should fix the issue and remove the PAC file from the Internet Options.

Proxy Server Settings:

If your origination is using a Proxy server or PAC file for Internet access, make sure the settings are entered in the console as the endpoint will recognize the settings and will download updates via proxy.

    1. Edit the Policy.
    2. Click on Custom and add the Proxy Server Details:

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