Issue: Remote Deployment Fails with  error  like " Remote Install Fails after copying  10% files", "Unable   to copy Files"


Enable WMI

1. On the target server, go to Administrative Tools -> Computer Management.

2. Expand 'Services and Applications'

3. Right click for Properties on 'WMI Control'.


4. Select the Security tab

5. Press the Security button


6.Add the  user , and then be sure to check Remote Enable for the user/group that will be requesting WMI data.


7.) Allow WMI through Windows firewall  " netsh firewall set service RemoteAdmin enable"

Enabling DCOM on the Server and the Client

1. From the Windows Taskbar, click Start arrowRun

2. Type dcomcnfg, as shown in the illustration.


3. Right Click on my computer and select properties

   Console Root  ==> Component Services ==> Computers ==>My Computers


7. Add the  user , In Com Security  tab  both in Access Permissions and Launch and Activation Permissions  and then be sure to check Remote Access for the user/group.


8. Enable Dcom On this Computer Under Default Properties Tab

Result :

The Above mentioned steps would help us in Fixing most of the Remote Install Issues.

*The attachment includes the Document with Screenshots.