Endpoint Common Issues



1: Service Error

2: Module Error

3: Internet Down

Common Errors Description:


Service error


Cloud client running:

· Check if port 8000 is able to bind with isfacs.exe or not

· Check for port 8000 open or not via command prompt "netstat -bano"


Cloud client service not running:

· Windows Firewall Service should be running.

· Windows Security Center service (security service) should be running.

· Check for port 8000 open or not via command prompt netstat -bano >port.txt

· Logs RequirediSheriff Endpoint Debug Logs 


Module error

· Always check for logs if antivirus downloaded or not.

· This can be checked by opening the client console.

· Click on Setup à Administration  à Login

· Click on Antivirus àConfiguration


· Antivirus NOT Downloaded:

Check if firewall (network restriction) is blocking access to ccpolicy.isheriff.com & cdn.isheriff.com. In order for the Endpoint to fully function, it needs access to ccpolicy.isheriff.com & cdn.isheriff.com over ports 80 and 443.


· Antivirus Downloaded:

If the log shows an error unable to load gzfilter driver

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudClient\avbdapi or for 32-bit windows machine C:\Program Files\CloudClient\avbdapi

Double click on gzfilter_install to re-install antivirus




Before re-installing antivirus, delete the temp files from the status page.

Go to

Then click on Antivirus à Configuration à Delete Temporary Files

Windows service pack 2 is not compatible with the cloud

If any other antivirus service was previously installed, check for (FSLX.SYS) in the registry and if you find any values related to that you may delete them to avoid this error.

Windows action service (security service) must be running



Internet down (required in case of web filtering) 

· Check if you can connect to the internet.

· Port 8082 must be open from firewall in order to Internet traffic travel in both directions (a telnet to the public IP on 8082 works!)

· Port 80 should be open for internet traffic to travel both ways.

· Check if the PAC file location is present in the isf.cfg file.

· Try accessing the PAC file location by using any browser


Click here for the instruction to capture Endpoint Logs