iSheriff Endpoint Security Support Document


iSheriff Endpoint agent is a consolidated security platform offering Web Security and Endpoint Security (Antivirus and Application Filtering) services deployed through the cloud.


The Endpoint Client consists of two modules:

· Application Filtering

· Antivirus.


Downloading the package:

The Endpoint client can be downloaded by following the instructions given below:

  • Log in to using the account credentials provided by initially after setting up the account.
  • Click on Filter Management à Overview à Default Policy à edit


  • Click on the Endpoint tab and then click on Download tab
  • Select the Operating System from pull down menu and then click on Download to download the Endpoint installation package.



  • The file name of installation package is The installation package contains two files:

a: EndpointSecurity.msi: The installer file

b: isf.cfg: Configuration file required for the endpoint to fetch settings from our servers and save them on the local machine, this includes the PAC File URL associated to your account and settings such as Distribution center, proxy etc.




You would need to extract the two files listed above from the installation package. Also ensure the both files are under a same location, before installation begins, as these files are necessary for the installation of the Endpoint client.




Some host and port combinations must be allowed through your firewall in order for Cloud Web Security to operate correctly. Below is a description of each port.





Cloud Filter. This is where the Cloud Web Security service is provided.


Endpoint. This is required if you are using iSheriff Endpoint Agent.

Note that is an internal port.

80 and 443

PAC file. This is required if your browsers (or router) are to fetch their PAC file from Cloud Web Security.

Policy Configuration. This is required if you are using endpoint.

Endpoint Update. This is required if you are using endpoint.

Antivirus Update. This is required if you are using endpoint.


Log Transfer. This is required if you are using reporting.


Service administration. The iSheriff administration portal is similarly unfiltered. Otherwise, it would be possible for you to accidentally block access and then be unable to rectify the situation.


Following services must be Enabled and set to Automatic:

· Windows Firewall Service

· Windows Security Center Service.


Manual installation:

· Run the EndpointSecurity.msi

· Follow the instructions on the installation screen.

· Click Install

· Click Finish

The cloud icon should be visible in the notification tray after installation.


The Application Filtering module is inbuilt and is installed along with the Endpoint Security Client. The Application Filtering includes restriction of several applications on a particular machine which can be selected through the policy. The below mentioned tabs are associated with Allow/Block of various applications on the machine.

However, in order to install the Antivirus, this can be done either by:

Manually downloading the Antivirus (according to the configuration of the machine) and running the msi installer manually.

· Click on Filter Management à Overview à Default Policy à edit

· Click on the Endpoint tab and then click on Download tab

· Select the Operating System from pull down menu and then click on Download Installer to download the Antivirus installation package.

(Applicable to only Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit and Apple Mac OS)



The EndpointSecurity.msi is the base package and needs to be installed even if you require only the Antivirus. The Antivirus should be manually installed after installing the Endpoint client Base package.



Automatically: By configuring the policy to install the Antivirus Module automatically.

· Click on Filter Management à Overview à Default Policy à edit

· Click on the Endpoint tab and then click on Antivirus tab

· Select the Download and install the Antivirus Module automatically




If you are installing the Antivirus manually, the options Download and install Antivirus Module automatically from the policy must be unchecked.


Common Installation issue:

If you are trying to install the EndpointSecurity.msi without the isf.cfg file in the same location. The following error should occur:


Ensure that the isf.cfg file is under the same folder as EndpointSecurity.msi


Installing through a Group Policy:

Click Here for the Group Policy install