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Search Emails by word content

Today we can block incoming and outgoing emails by the type of attachment they carry, also by the type of application used and extentions.

On several ocations we have been asked to notify the IT manager when certain key words are found in the content of the email.

For example someone inside the organization telling someone outside about the companies database, or oder key words.

Is it possible to put a filter were the IT Manager could add key words to detect, emails that are going out or coming in with those key words, so they can deside to quarantine, or eliminate those emails??

This feature has been suggested by several prospects, that have said that their firewalls don´t do this.

Can you take a look at this possibility and let us know??



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Thank you for the suggestion Benjamin.

I have forwarded the request for keyword based filtering for emails to the concerned team.

They will review this and action this further.



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