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Alert or Notification needed


We have been requested by a couple of large clients, to have some kind of alert, if the service Cloud Client Service is stopped.

They have right 233 usres and willbe growing another 100 more. The problema they have is typical of many companies in Mexico, the ccomputers in the company are in their mayority setup with administrator rigths.

So, some of the presonnel that have some knowledge of this issue, take advantage and install or uninstall programs, among those the Cloud Client Service.

We understood that stopping the service will render the navegation obsolete, some how this people have been able to find the service that will disable everything, thus allowing all navegation.

Is there a posibility to add an alert when the service is stopped??


Hi Benjamin,

As of now the service cannot be stopped by the end user unless they have the maintenance password.

One the service is stopped the Endpoint will stop reporting to the console.

Please share the scenario where the users are able to disable everything and browsing all the web pages,

The correct way is to not granting  permission to the end user in the environment to access the services panel/taskmanager,



Hi Benjamin,

We have considered this a feature enhancement request.

The development will analyze this and action this accordingly.



Hi regarding this issue:

As you described in you answer, the service cannot be stopped because it has been disable, so if ichoose the service teh options are greyid out.

There are other softwares available that will remove the entire installation, rendering the machine free to do what ever the user wants.

My question was. Is there a way to notify the IT Manager that an specific endpoint has been eliminated or the service has been stopped, or something that will alert them that the user is not longer protectec, whithout the IT Manager finding out this has happend, days after???

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