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Console based USB /CD/DVD Administration


It is great that we have a the ability to block the USB and  CD/DVD devices from the get go, and that the way we do it is based on the device ID.

With large size customers, the question has risen regarding a console based administrator, so that the IT manager or an assitant, does no have to go to the pc and enter the password to allow or denie the use of a device.

Do you a see in the near future, the ability of administrating it from the console, by selecting the pc, maybe from the user tab, and being able to see a listing of the devices, so those could be activated or disable in a more optimal way.

Think of several remote locations, and having to go or use a third party software to control de pc justo activate or disable a USB



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Thank you for the suggestion Ben.

The feature is under review by our development

We will keep you posted..

Any update on this?  It has been more then 5 months now.


Hi, anything going on regarding this suggestion?

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