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CloudClient Service with password protection

when an administrator manually stops the endpoint service (CloudClient Service) you can navigate without problem, as the policy does not apply, nor passes through the filter the pacfile server or local pacfile.

The service endpoint should not allow stop (if no maintenance password) or if the service stops, start it automatically after one minute or less.

Hi antonio,

This should not be the case.

Once the Cloud Client service is stopped and the PAc file is in place in the browser, it should show "Unable to connect to the Proxy server" and the user should not be able to browse anything on the machine,

Please check for a fresh installation and let me know the results.

Hi Mohit Groover:
You're right ... also thought to modify the proxy, but the service is stopped,

the Proxy continue working or would block all access to the Internet, but at

first stop after CloudClient Service, the message appears in the browser the

proxy server refuses connections, but continue to insist (opening and closing

the browser), this comes without any restriction.

This test is done in Windows 10, with 4 browsers, the most common:
Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

This video is reproducible if you have Teamvierwer Installed.

The video is 40Mb can dowload of my account of Dropbox:

Only after restart CloudClient Service, endpoint block Firefox and Chrome, if restart the system, endpoint block Internet Explorer and Edge.

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