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Add Spotify to list of Browsers & Streaming

The List of Browsers & Streaming of the Endpoint of iSheriff not include Spotify Application for Windows/Mac/Linux

Spotify is classified as Streaming but application no appears in the list Browsers & Streaming what the iSheriff Endpoint can block.

Spotify is a very popular application for smartphones and also for computers, and this advantage some users to consume bandwidth enterprises.

It would be a great choice, it included in the list what iSheriff can blocked.


Hi Support,

This has been sent to the development for reviewing.

We will keep you posted regarding updates.


Hi guys, has anyone had the time to look at this enhancement. We are going crazy with Spotify, paid customers are asking for it, and in most cases duringa trial, the IT Manager will ask if we block it, in the pc, which we don´t so far.

Can anyone tell me if tisis something doable and how long could it take, so I can tell my clients that the enhancement will be comming soon.

Pls, tisis something we really need.


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