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AV Service not getting updated if server is in a HOSTNAME group.

I have created groups so that we can control the updates.

If updates occur during busy hours, the spike in CPU causes problems.


I disable the automatic updating under the Custom tab, and create a Scheduled update under the Antivirus tab.


This works good for updating the Antivirus Signature's, but the Endpoint  does not get updated unless I log into the server, and do a manual Check Endpoint Updates.


This is becoming a fulltime job for me.


The endpoint should update as per the schedule.

I was told by support that this is per design.





Thats  correct disabling Automatic updating will only update the Antivirus signatures as per the schedule.

We will let you know of any udpates.

This feature has been implemented and included in Endpoint Security v5.7.3.0909. Please click on the link below to view the release notes: 

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