iSheriff Technical Alert - New Features Added

Happy New Year valued iSheriff Customer.

To start the new year off right, iSheriff has added a few new features to
our iSheriff Cloud Security Suite. These new features were at the top of
our feature request list, so we hope that you enjoy them.

First we will start with Email. On the email side we have added end user
white and black listing through the email digest. So now end users have the
ability to self regulate which messages are blocked and received for their
email address. This removes the need to have an admin handle this on their

Second we will discuss Web, Email and Endpoint policies. When creating
policies, most organizations find themselves creating a base policy that
applies to most users. Then additional policies are created which deviate
slightly from the base policy based upon the users needs. Previously all
policies would have to be built from scratch. iSheriff has now added a
feature which allows the administrator to copy a policy. This should help
with management and setup.

Lastly we will cover reporting. An enhancement has been made which allows
an administrator to export forensic reporting information by date. Once
exported that data can be used in a variety of tools, or added to long term
on-site storage.

There is certainly more features planned for this year, it is shaping up to
be a very exciting year. We at iSheriff wish you all health and success
throughout the year.

If you have any questions about these new features, you can direct them to
our support department at

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Hi All,

We have successfully implemented Greylisting and Enabling/Disabling of SPF records Validation for recipient domains.

The following links have the steps and details.


SPF Validation 

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